Daytime TV…What the WHAT???

When Oprah left daytime TV, she left the field wide open with many journalists speculating on “Who will be the next Oprah”?   Frankly there is no “next Oprah” but  you can see her imprint all over daytime talk.

The Queen Latifah Show seems to be a mix of Ellen and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Her first show featured a clever opening  a la “Saturday Night Fever” with a nod to first guest John Travolta.   Her taped sketches were funny and I loved seeing MC Lyte as her DJ.  The show is Executive produced by Will Smith and the week was chock full of A list celebs  like Jamie Foxx and Sharon Stone. She is totally going after that Oprah/Ellen audience. Her ratings are the highest for a new Daytime talk show since Rachael Ray.  I just don’t understand why Latifah would go back to doing a talk show when she’s been there 12 years ago and done that.

Now let’s talk about Bethany….all I want to know is WHY????  Why does this lady need a talk show?  WHY?  I tried to make it through one episode and I could not do it.  She came out dressed like ballet barbie and proceeded to talk to the audience about how their “cycles” will sync up with hers just like her staff.  Ew.  Then she had a panel of 4 C list celebrities sitting on the couch with her discussing topics like PMS and….oh never mind, please don’t waste your time watching this “show”.  It should be cancelled soon.

I didn’t want to like The Steve Harvey Show but I do.  He reminds me of a favorite uncle who always tells it like it is and cracks you up while doing it.  His facial expressions are priceless and often mirror what I am thinking while watching the show.

The Wendy Williams Show is still a fun hour to waste if all you wanna know is who is doing what in pop culture.  You won’t see many A list celebs on Wendy’s show because she ran a lot of them away when she was a radio personality.  But it really doesn’t matter because Wendy’s  wigs, fashion and beauty tips and overall personality is what keeps me tuned in.

TD Jakes has a talk show premiering on BET in a few weeks.  I’ll share my thoughts on the show then.

Next up…Primetime Emmy breakdown….then…Daytime Court shows…Goodbye Judge Joe Brown, hello Paternity Court?????



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