Order in the Court???

Feeling down?  Think your life sucks?  Had to take a mental health day from work?  Well take a gander at this year’s court shows.  One afternoon of back to back episodes of Paternity Court, Judge Alex, or Divorce Court and I promise you will feel much better!

Let’s begin with Paternity Court.  I thought Maury had the market cornered on DNA testing and deadbeat dads but Paternity Court takes it further.    In one episode, a man steadfastly denied parenting a 21 yr old woman who was diagnosed with cancer even though she looks just like him.  His pitiful argument was that he “heard” that she wasn’t his daughter because someone told him the mother was cheating.  Another episode featured a man who wanted to know if the child he’s been raising for 3 years is his.  His bone of contention was that the mother slept with his brother AND his best friend.  I couldn’t sit through this one.  I felt like I needed to bathe.

America’s Court with Judge Alex is not as salacious as Paternity Court.  This show primarily deals with cases you would find in small claims court.  Judge Alex is very straightforward and asks smart questions.  I actually enjoyed watching him rule the courtroom.

Justice Christina Perez of “Justice for All” says she is about the Law and it’s people.  Her show showcases people who have no evidence to support their claims. “I went to the bathroom and you stole my money.”  “No, your drug addict brother stole your money”.   “Did you SEE her take the money?” Judge Perez let’s them argue it out in front of her and then makes a ruling.  Her show was like watching kids fight in the school lunchroom.

Divorce Court can be very comforting if you are single.  All you can do while watching that show is scratch your head and remember to close your mouth after it drops open in shock, horror, or disbelief at what you heard.

After 4 hours of watching back to back court shows, I found myself shouting questions and insults at the people on the shows.   My brain cells were starting to fry.  Calling Dr. Oz!


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