Advertisements…I’ve got questions!

Don’t laugh at me about this but…Did you know it was Taco Tuesday?  I didn’t know either but lately, I’ve noticed Facebook posts about Taco Tuesday.  Apparantly, I have missed out and I LOVE TACOS!

I discussed this with a friend the other day and she was left out of the Taco Tuesday loop too.  This got me to thinking about the brand mascots I have seen in TV commercials for years and have led me to ask a few questions, like….

How much work is the Pillsbury Doughboy actually doing?  He used to jump out of a roll of biscuits and giggle when you poked his tummy.  Now he rolls dough, bakes cookies and comes up with dinner ideas.

Have you noticed Mr. Clean was just a smiling head that winked at you at the end of a commercial?  Now Mr. Clean is a complete animated person who hangs out in random women’s homes helping them clean.  His backstory (!) on YouTube shows he was left on a doorstep as a baby and while his friends were out playing, he preferred cleaning.

Mr. Peanut from Planters never talked at all for YEARS!  Now he talks and parties with his other nutty friends.  What happened?  Did he get out of witness protection recently?

Green Giant has a young friend named Sprout.  Or is it his son?  Where did sprout come from?  And where is Mrs. Green Giant?

Have you seen the Michelin man lately?  He has slimmed down considerably.

And the Charmin Bears in the woods?  With Toilet paper?  Really?  Isn’t that some kind of environmental issue?

Remember when Wednesday was  Prince spaghetti  day?

Have you noticed the Helping Hand from Hamburger Helper doesn’t help anybody?  He just talks and wiggles his fingers.

And why doesn’t the person in the Lunesta commercial wake up and swat at that annoying glow in the dark butterfly that hovers over their face?

These are just questions…feel free to add your own observations.


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