Goodbye Totally Biased, It was good while it lasted….

They cancelled my favorite late night show!   Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell was an intelligent half hour comedy news show completely skewed toward people of color, hence the title, Totally Biased.  This show tackled tough subjects honestly and humorously.  If someone disrespected the gays, we got a “No More Mr. Nice Gay” monologue from comedian and writer Guy Branum.  I laughed out loud at Dwayne Kennedy’s man on the street interviews and loved The Konda Report.  What I loved most was that I saw Asian, Indian, African American and Gay comedians regularly, talking about their truths in a funny way.  The show was executive produced by Chris Rock who consistently tries to put movies and tv shows out there for African American audiences.  The fact that Totally Biased is just that, Totally Biased might have been the reason it was cancelled.  Consider this….The show premiered last spring on FX and was only shown once a week.  The ratings were good.   So instead of giving a show like this time to grow, FX decided to throw it to their new network FXX and expand it to 5 days a week.  How the hell can you maintain a quality show like this 5 days a week starring a comedian very few people have heard of on a new network?  Even with Chris Rock as Executive Producer, it was a long shot.  At least FX paid for advertising and promotion before Totally Biased premiered.  I saw the ads on the side of NYC buses.    There was little to no promotion telling viewers it moved to FXX.  The show might have had a chance had it stayed on FX because of shows that already have a following on that channel like “The League” and “It’s Always Sunny…”  I guess Chris Rock knew FXX was using this show and audience to build viewership like all new networks do.  I mean, look at the Oprah Winfrey Network.  When OWN started, there was all of this Kumbayah  programming .  Months later, we have 3 Tyler Perry shows and silly reality shows.  Rock knows the game and that this might happen and rolled the dice anyway.  Thanks dude.

In the end though, Totally Biased was too smart and biting for television.  W. Kamau Bell was easy to connect with and the show was hilariously honest in a way you wouldn’t see on The Daily Show.  I mourn it’s demise.


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