Summer TV? Not so hot….

The summer TV Season is upon us and I am wondering….where are the scripted comedies?   Where are the contemporary dramas?  For the past few years, Monday night on CBS has been the place to be for smart and funny shows.  2 Broke Girls and Mom are hilarious.   Those shows are in reruns now, and I am in search of funny stuff to watch.  I cannot find a thing.  What’s Comedy Central  showing?  Tosh.0 for at least two hours every day and some heavily edited old movies that aren’t worth watching.  I can always count on TBS to air a two hour marathon of Family Guy or The Big Bang Theory and of course there is ABC Family, and Nickelodeon.  Everything else is a Vampire show, a witch show or some kind of medieval gladiator show where someone is stabbed or beheaded on a regular basis.  We won’t even talk about the glut of reality shows.

I need a show like 30 Rock.  And before you mention The Mindy Project to me as a comparison, I find that show more annoying than funny.  In my quest for laughter in Prime Time network television, I found that TVLand is still holding it down with Hot In Cleveland and a new show called Jennifer Falls about a woman of a certain age who loses her big time job in New York and has to move back home.  I like the show’s premise because it reflects reality for many people in a funny way.  Sullivan and Son is on TBS and all I have to say is…meh.  Amy Poehler’s “Welcome to Sweden” doesn’t look interesting to me at all but I could be pleasantly surprised if the writing is decent.  I tried to catch Young and Hungry on ABC Family about a tech entrepreneur who hires a food blogger to be his personal chef.  Apparently, that  show is not on demand so I have no idea what’s going on other than comedian Kym Whitley plays a character on the show.  Martin Lawrence will return to TV with Kelsey Grammer Aug 4th with Partners, about two very different Chicago lawyers who decide to open a practice together.  The show is on FX which does not have a great track record for comedy.  I hope the writing is good and FX gives viewers a chance to find the show.

The show I am most looking forward to is Working the Engels with Second City TV alum Andrea Martin.  This show is about a family that faces a pile of debt after their father and breadwinner, an attorney, unexpectedly passes away. His daughter decides to take over his business, which means she has to work with her cuckoo family, including her mother (Andrea Martin).  If any of you remember SCTV back in the 80’s then you know how funny and talented Andrea Martin is.

As for Drama, I’m sorry but I have no interest in Hallie Berry’s alien baby on Extant.  I mean really, enough with the aliens and weird towns with domes and zombies.   I don’t care if Steven Spielberg produced it either.  USA will premiere Satisfaction on July 17th.  The premise of this show centers on a man who, after discovering his wife having sex with a male escort, decides to become an escort himself.  I’ll watch that…unless the writing is horrible.  I’ll give Steven Bochco’s” Murder In the First” a try because….well it’s Steven Bochco who gave us NYPD Blue and the very handsome Taye Diggs stars in the show.   I can always count on Lifetime for soapy dramas Devious Maids and Drop Dead Diva.

But come on networks!  Stop with the Vampires, zombies and reality TV!  I need to laugh a little more often.


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