Get the Windex…The View needs cleaning!

When I heard that Sherri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy were leaving “The View” I shouted Thank ya Lawd! Because those two were the WORST co-hosts that show has ever had. I’ve been upset with the show ever since they let Joy Behar go. She was intelligent and funny and had a knack for breaking tension with a silly joke.

Today I watched a clip on Extra with Whoopi Goldberg ranting about all the controversy saying in part “we’re not kids…we’re grown ass women”. I felt like I was watching my aunt snap at a family dinner. Is this what The View has devolved into? Now it’s been announced that Rosie O’Donnell will return to the show in the fall. Whyyyyyy????? I mean SERIOUSLY? Didn’t she stir up enough trouble when she was there last time? You people at ABC mean to tell me you can’t find ANY credible newswoman like say…Katie Couric to sit at the table? I like the idea of Meaghan McCain joining the show. I’ve seen her on a few times and she is able to get her point across and not shriek across the table. And Rosie Perez would be a GREAT addition to the panel. She’s Latina, talented and has a particular point of view I’d love to hear. The View needs to get back to it’s original formula. Remember? A lawyer, a 20 something, a seasoned newswoman, a comedian and Barbara? Ok, so Barbara retired but it’s not like there are no other older seasoned newswomen who could sit at the table. Andrea Mitchell anyone? What’s Connie Chung doing? I know they are facing competition with “The Talk” but what set “The View” apart was that Barbara Walters could get the newsmakers of the day to come sit on the couch and chat.

I’m holding out hope that the producers of The View will step back and re-focus. I want to watch again…but for now, my view is clouded.


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