The View, The Real and The Talk…Oh My!

All summer long I waited in anticipation for “The Real”.  Another obvious rip-off of The View but with younger ladies of various ethnic backgrounds.  I’d missed their 6 week sneak peek last year but Loni Love is one of the moderators and I love her as a comedian so I made this appointment television.   Awww Lawd!!!! The premiere episode made me want to pull my hair out.  Why is Tamar Braxton on the show?  What kind of intelligent content does she bring to any discussion? Who takes her seriously? Jeannie Mai who is most known for her work as the host of the Style Network series How Do I Look? grates on my nerves every time she opens her mouth. Also in the cast is Adrienne Ballion whose claim to fame is being on The Disney Channel.  Rounding out the table is Tamara Mowry-Housley who I remember from the 90’s sitcom “Sister Sister” and most recently the reality show “Tia and Tamara”.  The show is a frothy hour of conversation about boyfriends and husbands, fashion and food.  It’s target audience is women between the ages of 25-34.   I have concluded that “The Real” is not for me.  Trust me, I tried.

The show that is supposed to be for my demographic is The View.  But this season is quite a snoozer.  Bringing Rosie O’Donnell back was a huge mistake. You can see the lack of chemistry all throughout the show.  I used to watch The View because it was a mixture of silly and serious.  The original cast featured a journalist, a comedian, a young person just starting out, a lawyer and then Barbara Walters.   We got the top news stories as well as entertainment.   Before social media, journalists had to remain neutral and could not express their opinions so they could retain some form of credibility.   I loved it when Barbara Walters would try to excuse herself from comment when conversations got too heated.  Now, The View is just a mess.  I am happy to see Rosie Perez representing Latina’s although you can tell she is still learning how to be a host.  Whoopi Goldberg is always blistering honest.   Nicole Wallace seems friendly but is as interesting as plain yogurt and I wish Rosie O’Donnell would just go away.  Can we get an all new View please?  My dream panel?  Whoopi as moderator, Katie Couric because she is a proven journalist, comedian Retta from the show Parks and Recreation, Judge Marilyn Millian from The People’s Court and since we are bringing folks back, What’s Debbie Matenopolus doing ?  She’s got some life experience under her belt now.

As for The Talk…That show is proving to be some serious competition for The View. It tapes in Los Angeles so they have more celebrities from TV and movies on the show.  You can feel the fun and positive energy flowing from the moment the ladies walk onto the set.  Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert and Sharon Ozborne don’t mind clowning around and don’t take themselves too seriously.  That’s what’s missing from the ladies on The View.

My choice for now is The Talk.  Positive energy and fun always wins in my book.



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