The Mike Tyson Mysteries and other fun stuff on Adult Swim….

Last Monday night I watched the premiere episode of “The Mike Tyson Mysteries” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.  It’s a throwback cartoon that might remind you of “The Scooby Doo Mysteries” from the 70’s.  I am a Scooby Doo fan and watched those cartoons when I was a little girl so I was excited to see what kind of spin  Warner Brothers Animation and writer Hugh Davidson would put on this very creative idea.  Well….if you can suspend belief that Scooby Do is a dog who can somewhat talk and help solve mysteries, then you should have no problem with an animated Mike Tyson solving off beat crimes with his talking, beer swilling pigeon voiced by SNL veteran Norm Mc Donald, a ghost voiced by “Community” vet Jim Rash and an adopted daughter voiced by Rachel  Ramaras who is trying to get Mike to send her to college.  The show is complete absurdist comedy.  Half the fun of watching this show is listening to Mike mangle the English language.

I stumbled upon “Robot Chicken” late one night  while drinking adult beverages with my friend Rob.  It was 3am, I was flipping channels and suddenly saw an animated angry sun chasing two frightened people through a meadow while scooping mounds of earth menacingly chanting….TWO SCOOPS. We doubled over in drunken laughter at the obvious Raisin Bran parody and was instantly hooked on the show.  Creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich create the silliest stop motion animated parodies involving some of your favorite childhood toys.  A Star Wars skit features the Emperor on the phone complaining about Darth Vader and the flaw that got the Death Star blown up, Strawberry Shortcake gets revenge on her enemies in 3 hilarious skits, The Disney Princess War skit plays like an absurd clip of the Atlanta Housewives, even a parody of ABC’s Wife Swap is just a small example of the comedy they present.

Some of my other favorites on Adult Swim include Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks” (only the first 3 seasons), “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”, whose main characters are a meatball, a large red container of french fries and a shake, (Don’t ask me why I like watching the adventures of what is essentially an animated Happy Meal.)  “Black Dynamite” (a hilarious parody of Shaft and 70’s blacksploitation films, and Aaron McGruder’s  Black Jesus (which I am still trying to understand).

What I really enjoy about Adult Swim is they air Family Guy in it’s entirety. FOX edits out scenes they feel would be offensive to their viewers, stars and sponsors.  Adult Swim airs it all.  They also allow a show with extreme physical comedy like “The Eric Andre Show” to exist.

In a world where TV is littered with hair pulling, bottle throwing reality shows, crime, zombies and other scary stuff, it’s nice to know I can turn to Adult Swim and get some laughs about the ridiculousness of it all.


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