Can Fashion Police be fixed?

I was heartbroken when Joan Rivers passed away last September and wondered how E would resurrect Fashion Police.  Who could generate the high ratings and revenue Joan did?  When Fashion Police began years ago, it was hosted by Debbie Matenopoulos along with Jay Manuel and Miss Jay from America’s Next Top Model.  It was a funny, snarky show that nobody took seriously.  OxyClean and LifeAlert were major sponsors.

Then Debbie Matenopolis disappeared and E announced Joan Rivers as the new host of Fashion Police.  At first I was upset because Joan’s humor was a bit abrasive  to me and at the time, celebrities avoided her and publicly dissed her. I thought it would be a cheesy hate-fest.  I was quickly proven wrong as I learned that Joan was perfect for the job.  She’s been in show-business since the 60’s and has lived through many fashion trends.  Joan showed her knowledge even as she told some of the most crass jokes.  Before you knew it, major cosmetic companies were sponsors.  I mean, who better to talk about Lady Gaga’s meat dress?

This is what I am missing on Fashion Police.  I am not a fashionista but I love fashion and I love learning things in connection with it.  Last’s night special was the “loved it, hated it” festival with no real insight about the clothes, the designers or history.  Maybe I am asking for too much?

Awards season is on now and I doubt E will replace Kathy Griffin.  But what if they did?  Who would you like to see in the host chair?   I’m stumped on that one but I’m just wondering….is Miss J Alexander available?  He’s Fashion smart, knowledgeable and at times, wickedly funny.  Just move Guliana to the host chair and toss that Brad fellow back to wherever he came from.  I never understood how Kelly Osbourne belonged on Fashion Police but hey, what do I know?

Right now I’m hoping Kathy finds her voice on Fashion Police and the show gets better.  I’ll be watching when the show returns in two weeks.


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