Creepy and inexplicable commercials

Have you seen the most recent commercial for Dr. Pepper featuring American Idol loser Justin Guarini as “Lil Sweet’?  Are you creeped out looking at him as I am?  I understand they want us to know that Dr. Pepper is sweet but when I look at this character as it pops out of nowhere singing, I just want the lady to step on it and spray it with Raid.   She is just trying to enjoy a soft drink.  And is it just me or do the new KFC commercials featuring SNL vet Darrell Hammond as “The Colonel” seem creepy? The real Colonel Sanders died a few decades ago so when it was announced KFC was bringing him back as a character I thought… how bad could it be?  Pretty bad my friends.  That laugh at the end of the spot is just…ugh *shuddering*    I was also grossed out one morning during a break in the Today show while watching a commercial for Silver Palate’s Thick and Rough oatmeal.  I know oatmeal is good for you but not everyone is a fan.  If the Silver Palate people want to get me to try it, (which is the point of most advertisements) saying it’s Thick and Rough is not the way to go.  McDonald’s made an attempt to update and bring back the “Hamburgler” character not too long ago.  Instead of the cartoonish horror film “Chucky” looking figure, who playfully swiped burgers from his friend Ronald McDonald, the Hamburgler now is a scruffy bearded man wearing a costume that looks like he pulled it together using clothes from the thrift shop and Party City.  From the commercials I saw, he’s on the run, has a wife and children and is hawking McDonald’s limited edition Sirloin burgers.  This is disturbing.  Why is the Hamburgler on the run?  If he works for McDonald’s he doesn’t need to steal hamburgers! Does his family know what he does for a living?  What was the creative team at the ad agency thinking??!! McDonalds is supposed to be a family restaurant.  Since when do they support criminal behavior?

I don’t know who told actor Rob Lowe that creating a series of creepy and inexplicable alter-ego characters would make me want to subscribe to Direct TV but he was really, really wrong about that.  Is anyone other than me confused about the point of any of the Old Spice commercials?  The last one I saw featured a bear rolling the “Fresher Collection” scent out on its tongue to a young man in the woods.  The Viagra commercial where the actress saucily asserts “curling up with a favorite book is nice but I think women would rather curl up with their favorite man”, makes me feel like some soft porn music and a new version of  Hugh Hefner’s 1959 show Playboy’s Penthouse is about to begin.

Finally, I love Burger King and their Whopper sandwiches.  But I find the perpetually smiling, plastic-faced King who represents them utterly creepy.  He was at the Mayweather – Pacquaio fight and the Belmont Stakes this year.   Why????  He doesn’t look like royalty, he looks like a stalker!  I understand Burger King is not making money the way they used to but scaring your consumers is not going to make them visit your restaurant.

I love commercials that make me laugh out loud and I’ll tell you about those soon.




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