Random Musings….

When did Mr. Clean learn to play the guitar?  Does the baby in the commercial dressed like him belong to him?  I’m not sure I want to know this much about Mr. Clean. I just heard on the news recently they are auditioning actors to be Mr. Clean. Next thing you know, the Brawny guy is gonna start hanging out with him and….*sigh*  There’s no telling what these ad agencies will create.   Speaking of clean, has anybody seen the Pine Sol lady lately?   I know SNL alum Nora Dunn is now a spokesperson for Clorox. “if you want it clean, you need BLEACH!” Dunn snaps at the poor lady in the commercial.  She reminds me of Rosie the waitress in those 1984 Bounty Paper towel commercials.

How hilarious are those Geico commercials featuring actor/rapper Ice T and kids selling Lemonade?

Why does Sprint think people will trust Mr. Can you hear me now???   He’s like that friend who won’t stop talking about their wonderful relationship, but breaks up to date the best friend. Everytime I see that commercial  I shriek at the screen “You cannot be trusted!!!!” He disgusts me.

Speaking of disgust…have you seen the commercial for the frozen food Devour?  Where the guy is standing in his kitchen, wearing boxers and a t-shirt while lovingly talking to and then spanks his food?  Who does that?  Why are we seeing this? Ew!

Queen Sugar on the OWN network is soooo good. I cried at the end of the first episode.  I’m hooked.

Donald Glover’s show  “Atlanta” on FX is also very good.  It’s well written with complex characters.  I still haven’t seen Netflix’s “The Get Down”  but I plan to.

I’m sorry but I do not like Billy Bush.  I tolerated him on Access Hollywood but now he’s currently ruining my enjoyment of the third hour of The Today Show. He has no chemistry with Tamron Hall and Al Roker has already checked him on air.  Why NBC??  Whyyyyy?

The View has a new theme song and a dance to go with it.  They even want you to learn the dance!!!  Why am I watching The View?  Because they still talk about politics and the issues of the day. The new co-hosts are smart.  I wish they would replace Raven Symone with a stronger, smarter millenial.  Like singer Frenchie Davis.  I follow her on social media and lemme tell ya, that lady would breathe new life into The View.

Comedian Sommore would be an excellent host of E’s Fashion Police.  She knows her fashion, is funny as hell and I think would be a perfect replacement for current host Melissa Rivers whose face as been pulled so tight, she’s a fright to behold. Besides, who’s taking fashion advice from Nene Leakes and Margaret Cho?  That show needs some credibility in the worst way.

ABC’s Sunday Night game show block was the most feel good night of the summer for me. I can live without Steve Harvey’s overhyped Family Feud and I wouldn’t have picked Michael Strahan to host the $100,000 Pyramid.  But Alec Baldwin hosting Match Game?  With the retro 1970’s wah wah theme song?  While celebrity panelists like Jack McBrayer, Sherri Sheppard and Mario Cantone are being bawdy and sipping cocktails?   I loved it all.

Lastly, I must bid a fond farewell to “The Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore.  Yeah, it started out rocky but toward the end, I think they were hitting their stride.  Best of all, Wilmore stayed classy in every interview about the cancellation.  I’d love to see him on HBO.   They already have John Oliver and in a few months, Jon Stewart debuts an animated political satire show.  Wilmore would fit right in.






2 thoughts on “Random Musings….

  1. I love your blogs and I find that I’m i sync with many of your observations. Thank you for bringing me a laugh or two, some smiles and a couple of eh’s.
    What’s so cool for me is seeing how brilliant you’ve become – since I’ve known you since you were a wide eyed just-past-teenager beginning your career in ChiTown.
    Please keep sharing your unique views of this crazy world!


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