New Fall Shows and why I had to let Empire go….

There is a lot to watch this 2016 fall season and I’m excited.  I was glad to see Kevin James back on TV with CBS’s “Kevin Can Wait” Monday nights.   The show however, is  dry, boring and meh.  James plays a retired police officer who’s home with his wife and daughters and has to figure out who he is and how to fit into his family’s daily routine.  I sat through 3 episodes and waited for sleep.

Meanwhile,  over on NBC snarky and funny Kristen Bell with Ted Danson stars on “The Good Place”.  Bell plays Eleanor, a dead woman who enters the afterlife and finds out she’s in “The Good Place” by mistake.  Her presence causes havoc throughout as Eleanor tries to become a good person while enlisting the help of her soulmate, an ethics professor who knows her secret hilariously played by William Jackson Harper.

ABC’s new comedy, Speechless with Minnie Driver is ok.    I have issues watching neurotic, obsessive characters. The show is about a family with a special needs child who cannot walk or speak and Driver’s take charge, pushy character irritates and unnerves me simultaneously.  This is the same reason why I cannot stand the show Modern Family.   Fortunately, the funny lies within the relationship between Micah Fowler who plays son JJ (and has cerebal palsy in real life) and his caregiver Kenneth played by the hilarious Cedric Yarborough.   It’s worth a look.

I gave ABC’s “Notorious” two episodes to make me care about its characters and it failed.  The promos lured me, talking about a cable news network executive and a hunky lawyer played by Daniel Sunjata.  I’ll admit, he’s the only reason I tuned in.  But his fineness does not make me care enough about his character or Piper Perabo’s.  I’ll be surprised if it lasts beyond a season.

I love Michael Ealy but I can’t say I like him in ABC’s Secrets and Lies.  Didn’t we just see him playing a creepy guy in a movie?  I feel like this isn’t the right vehicle for him.  I want to see him in a comedy or a drama along the lines of BET’s “Being Mary Jane”.  Can Mara Brock Akil and her team write something for him?

People, I’ve tried and tried to keep watching Empire but I can’t do it anymore.  The cheesy, poorly written stories and lack of character development drives me crazy.  Remember the first season where Boo Boo Kitty had a backstory involving her relationship with Lucious’s rival Peretti?  What happened to that? (nice to see Judd Nelson in that role)  There was a world of material they could have concocted and it was ignored. The writers damaged Hakeem’s character as far as I’m concerned.  Where are his friends?  He’s talented but doesn’t he have any fun other than hopping from bed to bed?   I love Leslie Uggams as Lucious bi-polar mom.  Her acting skills are a standout but even she can’t make the dialog any less soap opera ish.

Does anybody care about the rebooted MacGuyver on CBS?  I remember watching the original years ago but I suspect it was because there was nothing else good on TV during that time slot.  They moved NCIS LA to Sunday for this?

NBC’s “This Is Us” is good TV.   The drama is well written and multi-layered.  I love it.

Be back with more reviews…. more shows premiere this month!




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