More Fall TV reviews and Gilmore Girls!

The first time I saw the trailer for Fox TV’s “Pitch”, I dismissed it.  First of all, it was about baseball and the only thing I like about baseball is how quickly and deeply it puts me to sleep.  (Thanks Jack Brickhouse and WGN Chicago).  But I DVR’d it anyway and finally sat down and binge watched 6 episodes.  Notice I said 6?  Yep.  Because it’s a decent show and you don’t really need to understand all of baseball to enjoy it.  Does it make me think?  No. But it’s a positive serialized fantasy show about a woman being called up to play in the majors and the challenges she faces.  Starring Kylie Bunbury, the cast boasts Mark-Paul Gosselaar as aging catcher Mike Lawson,  Mo McRae as Ginny’s friend and teammate and Ali Larter who is excellent as Ginny’s steely agent Amelia Slater. Veteran director Paris Barclay is one of the Executive Producers and director of the show.  Ratings don’t look great but I hope the show sticks around.  It’s inspiration for baseball loving little girls everywhere.

Is it me or is CBS‘s show “The Great Indoors” starring Joel McHale boring and annoying?  I love Joel McHale.  His snarkiness on “Community” and “Talk Soup” was a joy to behold. But his loveable asshole routine is not working for me on this show.  McHale plays Jack Gordon, a globe trotting adventure reporter who is forced to come off the road due to budget cuts and the magazine becoming online only.  In his new role at Outdoor Limits magazine, he supervises a group of strange tech geeks who are great at Web publishing but clueless about the outdoors.  Lots of jokes about millenials who never go outside and technology challenged adults. The only thing I like about this show is Vanessa Williams brother Chris has a supporting role as Jack’s best friend Eddie.

Matt LeBlanc stars in CBS’s Man with A Plan.  I just want to know why.  Why does he and Matthew Perry keep getting chance after chance to star in crappy, poorly plotted sitcoms?  Yeah I know Perry is now on CBS’s revival of The Odd Couple, but this is his umpteenth attempt at a network sitcom!  Sorry, I digress.  Back to Man With a Plan…LeBlanc plays a father who has to pick up the slack when his wife goes back to work and he has to take care of his kids.  Sigh.  Nothing to see here…

Shout out to BET for their SPECTACULAR “Love and Happiness: An Obama Celebration” special. It was class personified.

Also, Thanks to CBS’s The Odd Couple for giving us a chance to say goodbye to the incomparable Garry Marshall who died in July.  As a TV lover, he provided me with hours of laughter and enjoyment.  Introducing the world to the brilliant Robin Williams is one of the many things we can thank him for.  Rest in peace sir and thank you.

Since it’s the Thanksgiving season, I want to give thanks to Netflix for bringing back one of my favorite shows Gilmore Girls.  I read all the hype and refused to succumb to it. Today, I saw the trailer and as the kids say…I got all the feels.  Every Tuesday I made it my business to be in front of my TV and immerse myself in the activities of Lorelai, Rory and the eccentric characters of Stars Hollow.  I was devastated when creators Amy and Daniel Palladino left the show in season 6 and horrified and disgusted at what the 7th season was without them.   But Netflix has given the Pallidinos a chance to make it right and finish the story the way it was meant to be.  The fun starts again November 25th.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!  Enjoy the holiday specials…




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