Why is Tyra Banks hosting America’s Got Talent?

I thought a TV variety show host is supposed to be someone engaging but able to fade into the background when necessary.  When has Tyra Banks ever been able to fade into the background?  Surely there are better options.  May I suggest the following….

Joey Fatone.  Yep.  From N’Sync.  This poor guy has been reduced to doing Progressive Insurance Commercials.  Fatone doesn’t deserve that.  I mean, he was great as the host of NBC’s The Singing Bee.  I think he even hosted a beauty pagent or two. Plus he knows something about being an entertainer.  He would have been great.

Cedric The Entertainer.  What more is needed?  Entertainer is in his name!  Besides, he needs something to wash off the stench of that last season of  TV Land’s “The Soul Man”  (yecch!)  Cedric currently has a deal with CBS to co-create a half hour comedy with former Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten but I bet he could have fit this into his schedule.  Remember when he hosted “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” after Meredith Viera stepped down?   Wait…maybe I need to re-think this.

Loni Love.  She has the perfect warm, funny down to earth personality.  Loni regularly shines on daytime’s”The Real” but that show is not for me.  I selfishly would like to see her host AGT so I can enjoy her wit and charm without all that inane talk show banter.

Since we’re discussing NBC shows, I am SO GLAD “The Celebrity Apprentice”  and all incarnations of that show is off the air.  It was interesting for two, maybe three seasons when regular people were the contestants.  The most I EVER took away from that show was Omarosa showing herself to be an opportunistic, backstabbing viper.   In the FIRST SEASON!  I’m still side-eyeing NBC for continuing to allow this crap fest on the air.

Shout out to Ron Cephas Jones of NBC’s “This is Us”.  His performance as William Hill was so breathtaking and believable.  The relationship between him and Sterling K. Brown as his son Randall was the only reason why I decided to watch this show.  He needs an Emmy.

Cedric Yarborough is doing great work on ABC’s “Speechless”.  You might remember him from “Reno 911” or know that he voiced the bougie character “Tom DuBois” on Aaron McGruder‘s “The Boondocks“.  On Speechless, he plays Kenneth Clement who is the aide to a young man with Cerebal Palsy.   His performances with actor Micah Fowler (who has Cerebal Palsy in real life) are heartwarming, funny and strong.  You can see the trust these actors share and it enhances the storytelling.  I still can’t stand Minnie Driver though.

Lastly, kudos to the creative team at Wieden & Kennedy for those hilarious Turbo Tax commercials featuring Humpty Dumpty of the nursery rhyme.  The first spot shows poor Humpty falling off the wall while doing his taxes, the second features him in the hospital  having a WTF moment, watching the doctors and nurses do the “Humpty Dance” as he contemplates suing.  The third commercial shows the horses and kingsmen visiting Humpty at the hospital while he calls Turbo Tax about tax deductions on hospital bills. I fall out laughing every time I see these spots.    I hope you do too.





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