Midseason TV Follies

Did you watch CBS’s Doubt?  No?  Me neither.  I saw the promos and got excited when I saw Dule Hill and Laverne Cox as cast members.  But then I saw Katherine Heigl as the star and I said…nah.  I can’t stand her and will never forget her shennanigans when she was on Grey’s Anatomy.  Good thing CBS pulled it after only 2 episodes due to poor ratings.  Heigl can go right back to hawking kitty litter.

Have you been watching “Superior Donuts” airing on CBS Monday nights?  It stars comedian Jermaine Fowler as Franco, an enterprising young man who talks his way into a job working at a old fashioned neighborhood donut shop.  Judd Hirsch co-stars as Arthur,  a widower who owns the shop but has lost customers.  The premise centers around gentrification as Arthur needs to update his donut shop and Franco helps him to embrace change and attract new customers.  The dialog crackles and the chemistry between Fowler and Hirsch is fantastic. Fowler’s charisma energizes every scene he’s in. It was just renewed for next season. I love the show.

I keep seeing promos for ABC’s Imaginary Mary starring Jenna Elfman and the voice of Rachel Dratch and I wonder…is having an imaginary friend a thing?   For a grown woman?   Where are her human friends?  Is dating a divorced guy with kids a catalyst for mental issues?  I’m willing to suspend reality for 30 minutes and give this show a try.  It’s from the people who gave us  ” The Goldbergs“.   People watched Alf, I loved Salem the talking cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch .  I suppose I could make room for Mary, The Imaginary Friend.  Then I watched the sneak preview.  It was time I’ll never get back.

Can I confess how much I love Constance Wu on ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat?  The show is supposed to focus on 12 year old Eddie Huang and his family trying to fit in after moving to the suburbs of Orlando, Florida.  I couldn’t care less about the kid.  Wu’s facial expressions and the way she delivers her lines crack me up.

How do you feel about a female Shaft?  That’s how director and executive producer John Singleton describes his new drama,  Rebel on BET.  I watched the 2 hour premiere and although Rebel is a black private detective, she isn’t a sex machine to all the dudes.  She is strong, fierce and takes no mess.   I didn’t think I would like it because frankly, I’m sick of cop shows with stories ripped from the headlines.  (side-eying Fox’s Shots Fired)  Danielle Mone Truitt stars and her energy commands the screen.  Giancarlo Esposito co stars as Rebel’s police captain and Mykelti Williamson had me cracking up as her Dad.   The storytelling is well executed.  I especially like the friendship between Rebel and Cheena played convincingly by Angela Ko.  BET will air the pilot several times so if you have 2 hours to veg on the couch, watch Rebel.

I like Sherri Shepard as an actress so I sat down to watch NBC’s new comedy, Trial and Error. Or rather I tried to.  I kept getting distracted.  This happened when the show premiered a few weeks ago and I decided to watch because John Lithgow is funny right?   I couldn’t get through the first 15 minutes.  Determined, I sat and watched 3 episodes back to back.  The only scene I liked was Marla Gibbs’ cameo as the neighbor who gives them all the stink face.  I feel the same way.  There is no funny in watching this bunch of eccentrics try to solve a murder case.   I tried to watch it and it was an error on my part. Maybe I missed something.  I’m glad Sherri got a job though.



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