Shows I like but scare me.

When I was a kid the theme song to the CBS soap opera “The Secret Storm”  scared me so much that I would run out of the room crying.  ABC’S  “Dark Shadows” was scary too but only because of the creepy character “Barnabas”.  He looked like a vampire and hung out in the fictional town, Collinsport.  I didn’t understand why people weren’t trying to capture him.  The ABC Movie “Trilogy of Terror” scared me away from Tiki dolls forever.  That doll chased actress Karen Black’s character thru her apartment, trying to stab her and even though she tried to drown it, and burn it in the oven, it STILL took over her soul.  The final scene of her stabbing the floor while baring the teeth of that doll is seared in my memory forever.

In the 90’s, I watched CBS’s “American Gothic“.  I thought it was gonna be a nice wholesome show because 70’s teen heart-throb Shawn Cassidy created it.  Gary Cole starred as a corrupt sherrif of a small town who uses sinister supernatural powers to control a young boy he fathered thru rape.  GAH!!! Who knew Shawn Cassidy was dark and twisted? Why couldn’t this be a simple cop show?

Oxygen’s “Snapped” sends chills down my spine.  There are some diabolical, sick women portrayed on this show.  It’s not just that they kill the man in their life, but HOW they kill them.  One woman killed her son, chopped him up, put his body parts in several bags and threw him out of her car window as she drove along the highway.  And the neighbors say “oh, she was the sweetest, nicest person ever.”  WTF????    I can’t watch this show during the DAY, let alone night.

I don’t watch shows like “Game of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead“.   I don’t need to see heads being chopped off and blood dripping everywhere.  I need to sleep at night. I thought I could watch “Criminal Minds” because…well, Shemar Moore is on it and he’s yummy eye candy. But after a 3 episode binge one Sunday night, I was fearfully peeking around corners, freaking out over shadows on the wall and wondering about my seemingly normal neighbors.

John Walsh of “America’s Most Wanted and most recently of CNN’s “The Hunt” has been scaring the crap out of me for years.  The way he tells you about some criminal out there on the lam and looks at you thru the TV like you know where they are… made me think maybe, yes they COULD be in my neighborhood.  In 1984, they found serial killer Alton Coleman in a park a block away from my house!  (true story)

Basic cable channels air the most frightening commercials late at night.  Look at the 1 800 Lawyers ad.   Does that man’s face scare you?  It reminds me of one of the villains from the 1980’s Superman movie.   The commercial about Shingles freaks me out.  The voiceover says “if you’ve had chicken pox, the Shingles virus is already inside you”.  They might as well add an evil laugh…Muhahahahaha.

I may start watching scary shows one day, but I doubt it. My imagination is too vivid and I need to sleep at night.




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