Love Connection is back!

I admit it.  I watched Love Connection with Chuck Woolery back in the 80’s.  I’d shout at the screen “naw girl,  Don’t pick him” and laughed at the cheesy banter.  Well it’s back on Fox with Andy Cohen hosting.  I gotta say, Cohen’s an excellent choice to host this show.  I don’t know if I’m going to watch this though.  I just suffered thru two episodes of that horrible Ellen DeGeneres dating show “First Dates“.

I tried to watch the new season of ABC’S The Bachelorette.  Yeah, yeah she’s black and some of the guys are cute but gaaaah!  The insipid dialog and vapid characters made me want to poke my eyes out.  Instead, I changed the channel.  Angie Tribeca is on TBS and its waaay funnier.

Jamie Foxx comes back to TV as a host of the new game show “Beat Shazam“!  Shazam is an app that can identify songs. I’m intrigued.  Contestants play against each other in a race against the clock to guess the name of popular songs.  The ones with the best time go up against the app for cash and prizes.  It’s “Name That Tune“2.0”!

The Gong Show is also coming back this summer on ABC.  I have no idea who host Tommy Maitland is but I hope he is as zany and silly as dearly departed Chuck Barris.  I loved that dude.  His energy made you feel like you were at a crazy party with weird people and having a great time.  That’s what the Gong Show is about.

The UP Network has a new show called”Date My Dad” premiering in June.  It’s a comedy starring Barry Watson from the old WB network show “7th Heaven”, with Raquel Welch as his mother. Yep. 1960’s sex symbol  Raquel Welch.   The title of this show “Date My Dad”, got me wondering…what if “The Bachelor” was a bit older, mature, physically fit and hot?  And his daughters helped him choose the women? You know they’ve all got baggage! I’d watch that!  I don’t know what kind of shennanigans you can make mature people do but it would be immensely entertaining to see.


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