Catty, Soapy, Summer TV

Have you seen Niecy Nash in the new TNT series “Claws”?  She looks fantastic. When I heard this show was going to be set in a nail salon, I thought Niecy was going to be stuck playing a stereotypical sassy black woman. Boy was I wrong. Her character, Desna is sassy but she is also calculating and ambitious. Claws flips the script and tells the story of five nail technicians who enter the traditionally male world of organized crime when they begin laundering money for a neighboring pain clinic.  I enjoyed it. The criminals she works with are so misogynistic and hedonistic that I wanted to spray myself with disinfectant whenever they were on screen. Watch the last scene of episode one and tell me Niecy Nash shouldn’t be an Emmy nominee this year.  She’s so believable in this role.  Judy Reyes formerly of Devious Maids and Scrubs blew me away with her portrayal of “Quiet Ann”, a lesbian who provides security for the salon and carries on a secret hookup with one of the regulars. The supporting cast includes Jack Kesy who is so sleazy and gross as Roller, I felt like I needed to bathe every time he appeared on screen. I recommend Claws highly.

Daytime Divas premiered on VH1 starring my shero, Vanessa Williams.  She plays Maxine, the moderator and creator of the talk show, “The Lunch Hour”.  This show is an adaptation of Star Jones’  book “Satans Sisters” about what went on behind the scenes  at “The View”.  I had such high hopes for this show. It’s supposed to be a satire but the writers clearly have no idea how to write that.  They got veteran comedic actress Tichina Arnold  co-starring as Mo, the brash, outspoken comedian, McKinley Freeman, from “Hit The Floor” as Andrew, Maxine’s son and Norm Lewis who plays the doorman at the TV station and Maxine’s husband. The pilot episode was chock full of backstabbing, illicit hookups and stilted dialog.     I thought the second episode would be better but the plot feels so over the top and  inauthentic.  There is absolutely no chemistry between Andrew and Nina, who is also a co-host on “The Lunch Hour”.  Overall, there is too much story and the writing is weak.  Hopefully it will stabilize soon.

Nashville is back for its fifth season on CMT and the new show runners have managed to ruin what was once a decent nighttime soap about the world of Country Music.  I knew Connie Britton was leaving but damn!, Did they have to kill her character Rayna? She was the heart of the show!  Now, it’s one big mess.  Scarlett is pregnant by some British dude who is so random, I’m wondering where he came from!  And, in an attempt to add some diversity to the show, Rayna’s daughter Maddie is dating Clay, a young black musician she meets while an intern at Highway 65. And surprise! he gets pulled over by the cops with her in the car and SURVIVES! *Facepalm* What have they done to my show?

I’m looking forward to watching Freeform’s “The Bold Type” which stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee and Meghann Fahy as young employees trying to climb the fashion magazine ladder at the fictional Scarlet magazine. The promos look interesting though I only saw 3 persons of color in the entire spot.  Well, at least that’s authentic.  “The Bold Type” premieres July 11th.


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