Emmy nominations and other stuff…

Ron Cephas Jones of NBC’s This Is Us was nominated for an Emmy as Best Supporting Actor in a drama for his heartfelt portrayal of William Hill, the biological father of Randall played by Sterling K. Brown.  I’m also happy to see Brian Tyree Henry  nominated for his performance as William’s cousin during that pivotal “Memphis” episode.  But why didn’t OWN’s Queen Sugar get a single nomination?  Not one for Kofi Siriboe’s  Ralph Angel? Tina Lifford’s Aunt Vi definitely deserved a nod.   I was disappointed Issa Rae’s HBO series “Insecure” wasn’t nominated but not surprised.  W. Kamau Bell of CNN’s “United Shades of America” is also nominated in the same category as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart of “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”.  Does that make any sense to you?     Alec Baldwin is nominated in this category for ABC’s “Match Game and last year’s winner RuPaul Charles is nominated for VH1’s “Drag Race“.

I’m also not surprised that Trevor Noah‘s Daily Show wasn’t nominated.  After a shaky start, Noah finally got his sea legs and The Daily Show is just as relevant as topical as ever.  But John Oliver’sLast Week Tonight” on HBO is the one to beat”.   “SNL’s” Leslie Jones was nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series but I don’t understand how.  Every time I see her she is portraying a variation of the stereotypical, loud, desperate for a man, black woman.   Jones has more range than that, I believe.  Shout out to “Orange is the New Black’s” Uzo Abuba, Samira Wiley of “The Handmaid’s Tale and Thandie Newton of “Westworld” for their nominations as well.

What kind of foolery was ABC engaged in when they decided Mike Myers would be the best choice to host “The Gong Show” as fictional character Tommy Maitland?  Why does Myers think we are interested in his tired obsession with weird British characters?  You know who would be a better host?  Radio host and reality TV star Ricky Smiley.   Smiley has been around a long time hosting shows on BET.  I never liked his comedy but he has the perfect sort of zaniness needed for The Gong Show.   Oh, and Candy Crush should not be a game show!

I’m sad that The Carmichael Show was cancelled but again, not surprised.  I knew its days were numbered because it took NBC a year to put it back on the air and the show openly discussed sensitive topics from an African American perspective.  Instead, we’re getting The Marlon Wayans show later this summer.  The promos look promising.

Also promising is TBS’sThe Guest Book“.  Created by Greg Garcia who also gave us “My Name Is Earl”.  This quirky comedy is about  the lives of employees who work at a small town hotel and the visitors who rent cottages in the area.  The promos for the show are funny.   I love a quirky, well written comedy and The Guest Book looks like it will fit the bill.    It premieres August 2nd and I will be watching.





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