Yes, but is it funny?

Have you seen TBS’s Joker’s Wild game show hosted by Snoop Dogg?  It is hilarious.  The show has been completely revamped with topics that reflect Snoop’s um….interests and takes place in Snoop’s faux casino.  One category is called “name that strain” while other categories feature celebrities like Wiz Kalifa and Seth Rogan giving video clues.  The energy is fun and makes me feel like I should be sipping an adult beverage while watching.

 I still dont like the premise of CBS‘s. Me, Myself and I but I LOVE the fact that Tim Reid recurs as an older version of Jaleel White‘s character and that Tia Mowry plays his wife.  Those three actors are a sitcom waiting to happen. Tia and Jaleel play husband and wife while Tim Reid plays Jaleel’s dad.  Maybe it will happen since CBS dropped Me, Myself and I from their schedule.  You know that means it’s cancelled.

The only show worth watching on CBS‘s Monday night comedy block is Superior Donuts starring the hilarious and magnetic comedian Jermaine Fowler as Franco  The season premiere introduced Diane Guerrero as the owner of an organic food truck that threatens the donut shop’s business.  We also learn Franco is trying to get into college to study Art.  This goal will flesh out Franco’s character, showing he is more than just an overhyped street guy trying to get by.   Sharp and witty writing is what makes Superior Donuts success.  

Sharp and witty is exactly how I would describe season 2 of NBC‘S  Great News.  Who knew Nicole Ritche was a comedic actress?  The writing was sluggish and unfunny in season 1 but in season 2, jokes and pop culture references fly freely, the way 30Rock did.  Blink you’ll miss a joke or two.   A solid premise and writing are what makes a comedy show great.

What shows are making you laugh?


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